Welcome to the new Karamursel Guestbook and Forums site. A Guestbook has been a feature of this website for almost 20 years!

This version is run on a WordPress site and has both a Guestbook and a Forum. I’ve included both features to help visitors connect with others associated with Karamursel, Turkey. Military personnel, “Dormie” students, families, and others can find old friends by searching the website or browsing the forum and guestbook entries.

This is  anew project, so there is old guestbook information that you can also use to find old friends. The old guestbook (previous to June 2017) can be found here and the REALLY old guestbook here. Note: the information in these older versions of the guestbook may very well be outdated.

To use all the features of this site, please register as a User by clicking on Register at the top left side of the screen:register here



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