This is the new (2017) Karamürsel Guestbook!

It’s also called a forum because you can post messages and reply/comment to other people’s posts. If it were only a guestbook, you’d be asked to fill out a form. But here, you can post anything you wish.

Need suggestions on what to post? Consider what you want to share then possibly include things like:

Your name, your years spent in Turkey/Karamürsel, and your experiences. You may also have specific requests to find individuals. Be sure to include their full name(s) in your post(s) so that you can search for their names on this visit or after you return to look for leads.

Ready to post in the guestbook? Click GUESTBOOK FORUM in the menu bar above. Most people are here to search or fill out a “Guestbook Entry,” if that’s what you’re looking for too, just click on The Guestbook Forums above to get started.

Suggestions? Let me know what can be done to improve the guestbook. Leave a comment below or send me an Email: Paul Dion


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